Case Study: HydroQuip, Inc.

Design Storytelling


Building A Bridge to Online Customer Engagement With Expanded “About” Section

HydroQuip manufactures oil-water separators, and other products that remove oils and solids from industrial wastewater before it can be released into the ground or public sewers. Purchasers of these products range from consulting engineers and resellers to private businesses, and potential buyers come to their website with a range of technical and non-technical backgrounds and motivators.

Improving their content along with redesigning their website was critical to making their website a better marketing tool. Without it, a redesign would be a waste of resources.

Situation and Challenge

The existing site read like a product catalog. Information about the company centered on its original products, while others had been added over time. Product literature was highly technical. The site was not serving a widening market audience. The firm was current with the trends of its various industrial markets, but, lacking an internal full-time marketer or designer, it was not able to adjust its online presence and messages to address these shifts. As the company prepared for a leadership transition, it needed to build revenues and branding, mainly by reclaiming business it was losing to resellers that marked up its equipment as part of their integrated systems.

Solution and Project

To give new customers a reason to buy from them – and not their competitors who charged more and took longer – we replaced the single “About” page with a full section that introduced the company’s customer service team, expertise and technology. This gave visitors a way to learn about the company that stood behind the products. Where many products competed for attention in the portfolio section, the new section detailed the unifying technology, approach, and level of service that supported them all. In talking with the principals, we identified a lot of things they wanted to be known for (beyond oil/water separators). We reduced these to the best three that would translate to the most profitable business and lucrative audience profile.

An expanded sitemap showed the path for new visitors and showed more transparency of their operations to existing customers.

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