Comprehensive “deep dive” update of legacy marketing materials


Designed For

Design Industry Professionals
A/E/C Marketing Professionals
Business Owners,
Senior Practice Leaders
Functional Managers

Design Product Systems LogoRender before you recycle!

We love a good double entendre!  In addition to a pretty graphic, a rendering is a process of  “trimming the fat”. We help you trim the fat of legacy writing, and build a clearer message for future communications.

An introductory, low-impact package structured on the classic consulting engagement model.

Recommended for:

Practices that are re-entering “marketing mode”, getting organized, changing management, seeking a clearer value-add, facing stiff competition for a particular bid, or updating corporate image.

How It Works:

We can perform a “deep dive” rewrite of your existing content (usually contained in a web site or marketing collateral boilerplate system).  We structure our work around your availability, and can work with you to make sure that everything fits.  We bill on a Time & Materials basis, with an up-front estimate based on the number of projects.

This package helps firms that need to clarify existing messages and strategies.  Our consultant works closely with you on the first few drafts in order to learn about your firm and your communication style, preferences, and agenda.  We help you identify measurable goals that will be tracked before and after.

This package does not address issues such as re-branding, repositioning, etc.

As part of this package, we are available for ongoing reviews as new material is generated.  Standard billing rates apply.

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