Welcome to the Design Marketer’s Workstation. 

Every architecture/engineering firm has a workstation like this.  It could be standing in a corner of the principal’s office, or occupying a random cubicle just off the reception area.  It’s been vacant for some time; maybe weeks, maybe months.  It’s a little dusty, and a bit greasy from the last time we ordered in pizza.  We just cleared off the clutter for you this morning.  Thank goodness you’re here!

It’s your first day, and there’s so much to do, so let’s make sure you have everything you need.  Here’s an incomplete list:

  • Drafting table
  • Architect’s desk lamp
  • Parallel rule (you probably won’t need this, but it’s there)
  • Composition book with pens
  • Computer (networked)

Ok, ok.  Why would I replicate my own office here?  Well, because my office is your office!  You’re reading this to get answers, ideas, or inspiration that will help you do your job better, and bring in positive, tangible, results for your design practice.  I’m here to help you.  Here, you’ll see the fears, frustrations, discoveries and breakthroughs, as I build the systems that make Design-product Systems market efficiently.  And who better to help you face these same challenges, and meet these same milestones, than one who has been there before?

You’ll see me making mistakes, getting stuck.  Scoff knowingly, if you want, or provide some wisdom that will help me and other readers.

Thanks in advance for reading, learning, and participating!

Mike Sweeney, Principal

“Design Storyteller, Marketing Engineer”