One in four Massachusetts-based architects is employed by one of the top thirty firms, as ranked last month by the Boston Business Journal, and visible in the infographic below. In this top quartile, approximately 47% work in the nine largest firms, three of which are locally headquartered. These nine firms generated $364.9 million in architectural billings in 2019.

A more linear progression begins in the middle half of these firms. 15 local firms billed between $10 million and $20 million, and many of these did so consistently in previous years. These firms employed 355 registered architects, and only two of these firms did more than 50% of their work outside of Massachusetts. All fifteen firms are Boston-headquartered, and their billing range provides the top end of the norm.

Rounding out the list, the firms billing less than $10 million include two local offices of regional firms, and one local firm with international reach.

Even architects working in these high-echelon firms could earn 43% to 105% more money by changing employers.

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