Four candy heart invitations: ATTRACT, PRESENT, CONNECT, PARTNER

It’s Valentine’s Day, and we’re celebrating another year in business!

We launched Design-product Systems on Valentine’s Day in 2008 to help design professionals, marketers, and business owners market their work clearly and efficiently. By increasing clarity and efficiency in balance, we enable our clients to do more of what they love — and even do it better!

We want you to be a part of our celebration, so we’ve come up with four ways for you to increase your market-ability!

Hey, it’s 45 days into the new year (and midway through the first quarter)! If the marketing goals you set for yourself in January – and your progress toward them are getting you down, take a moment to think about what might be holding you back.

Is it something old and familiar (self-doubt, distractions, or too much to manage), or something new (a disrupted team, new tools to master or integrate, or a key resource’s absence)?

We’re here to help you get around it!

Here are four invitations to Marketing Excellence!

1. Attracting: You know your clients will look beyond the surface, so you need to be more than just a pretty face. Is your brand showing up the way you want it to?

Learn how to make your marketing messages fresh and exciting.

2. Presenting: Each project you’ve done is a story that builds your expertise and brand, and moves your business forward. Are you forgetting the stories that could make you unique and leave the best impression?

Get access to writers with the skills and focus to help you tell your story today. 

3. Connecting: You may be courting a prospective client, positioning yourself for advancement, or articulating a design-related personal vision. How will you find your audience, speak their language, and draw them closer?

Learn how you can prepare and execute your plan efficiently. 

4. Partnering: It’s not just how your business is structured on paper. It’s how you work together, grow together, get along, and succeed!

Learn how you can identify and remove barriers to partnering and performing. 

Do You Accept?

If you’re thinking about how you can leave a stronger impression, have better relationships, or make the right moves this year, take a look at our packages.

And when you’re ready, make a date with us!