Marketing Systems


Marketing Systems


Project Tasks

  • Automate production of complicated correspondence by creating reusable templates, and macros that fill in information for you.
  • Create boilerplate text that can be easily updated.
  • Develop systems for targeting and following up on leads.
  • Create customized production-oriented interfaces between your desktop publishing, graphics, CAD, word processing, spreadsheet and project management applications.
  • Provide procedural steps, training, and online help.

Gain Clarity And Maintain Frequency!

With a small staff, and limited time to spend on marketing, an inefficient marketing infrastructure can leave little time for sharpening your message.  Design-product Systems gives your well-crafted message a fully functional system on a par with your other design production systems.

Design-product Systems increases your firm’s collateral production, outreach, and information management capabilities.  We make it easier for you to maintain an up-to-date image and target key opportunities by making information accessible, and by making the creation process fluid and economical.  We fully extend your desktop applications and firm-wide systems to help you leverage advanced features, and work more efficiently between them. We help you maintain the integrity of your project information throughout.

The results?  Reduced stress, increased output, motivated employees, and a low-cost investment that grows with you.

No matter how you market, Design-product Systems can make sure that the process doesn’t waste your time and effort.  We cut your response time by reducing the time you spend gathering data and personalizing each piece with your standard message.  Design-product Systems can help you streamline your existing methods.

Realize Your Vision For Marketing Efficiently

Don’t let your need for speed and agility be pre-empted by yet another office-wide software upgrade, or unavailabilities due to absence or training. Design-product Systems can resolve your unique marketing technology issues today!

We’ve worked with IT Managers, Software Engineers, Marketing Managers, Communications Directors, Business Development Managers, and Small Business Owners.

Isn't it about time to get efficient with marketing?

Yes, because it’s ALWAYS about time.

Michael is a tireless worker with an endless desire to know more and deliver more for the company

Thomas Hickerson

Director of Development, Akaza Research LLC


Case Studies

Sasaki Associates:
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Boston Society of Architects:
FAME Online: A Lean (And Green) Project News Machine For Member Firms
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  • Proposal Process Development
  • Lead Generation and Follow-up
  • Cross-Channel Marketing Content Development
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • Process Mapping and Workflow Diagramming
  • Database Design, Cleaning and Migration
  • Third-Party Software Integration
  • Content Management and File System Management
  • Marketing Technology Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting
  • Procedural Steps, Training, and Documentation


  • Custom Action Sets in InDesign and PhotoShop
  • Macros in Microsoft Office
  • Web Applications in JavaScript and jQuery
  • Infographics and Data Visualizations
  • Process Maps and Workflow Diagrams
  • Production Schedules
  • Document, proposal, and Presentation Template Systems
  • Fully Automated or Interactive Functions
  • Third-Party Application Interfaces
  • Customized Third-Party Applications
  • Legacy System Updates
  • File Systems
  • Procedural Steps, Training, and Documentation


Streamline that recent project’s transformation into a marketing piece!



Keep your marketing tools and processes fresh and limber so they can perform when you need them!



Focus on refining production processes to create a new marketing position, or hire new marketing talent.


Systems Specialist

Level up your marketing team’s technology, so they can deliver more!