Focus on refining production processes to empower new marketing talent.

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Design Industry Professionals
A/E/C Marketing Professionals
Business Owners, Principals, Partners
Senior Practice Leaders
Functional Managers

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Get more out of the hours you put in!

Focuses on refining production processes while helping you meet important objectives now.

When your marketing talent walks out the door, we step in and re-engineer the role so that your next hire stays with you longer and accomplishes more!

Recommended for:

Practices with a well-established staff position that they struggle to keep filled, practices recognizing the need to “work smarter”.

How It Works:

A Design-product specialist works either on-site or remotely for a set number of hours per week to develop the marketing function into a cost-efficient operation that forwards your business.

  • Hands-on production of all essential tasks and responsibilities of the role (following job description, job posting, or other marketing plan/staffing documents)
  • Full utilization of Outlook, Excel, Access, SQL Server, PowerPoint, and Word
  • Select utilization of Adobe Creative Suite and Macromedia products
  • Development or refinement of supporting procedures
  • Training documents, and optional 1-year servicing (new staff training/orientation sessions, troubleshooting, etc.).

A three to six month engagement is negotiated, with hourly rates based on priorities, project scope and duration.

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