Focuses on continuously refining production processes

Designed For

Design Industry Professionals
A/E/C Marketing Professionals
Business Owners,
Senior Practice Leaders
Functional Managers

Design Product Systems LogoYou can’t work out all the time, but you still have to keep in shape!

The Exerciser package provides expert guidance and hands-on know-how to help you resolve these issues to your satisfaction. Think of it as your working relationship with marketing, laying the foundation for what one day will be a marketing department built right!

Recommended for:

Practices seeking self-sufficiency in the marketing function, but without the budget for a dedicated staff person.

How It Works:

We structure the relationship between you and your marketing function – just enough information to guide, and just enough distance from the day-to-day. Activities include:

• A test of your marketing process for a specific project (such as a postcard mailing, e- newsletter, or targeted campaign)

• Procedural steps and setup instructions

• (optional) training of 1-2 staff person

• Follow-up in 3 months

A Design-product specialist who works either on-site or remotely for a set number of hours per week to develop the marketing function into a cost-efficient operation that forwards your business.