Systems Specialist (Engineer II)

Level up your marketing team’s technology, so they can deliver more!

Designed For

Design Industry Professionals
A/E/C Marketing Professionals
Business Owners, Principals, Partners
Senior Practice Leaders
Functional Managers

Design Product Systems LogoTech-savvy marketing without the help desk hassles!

Get more out of the hours you put in!

Focuses on refining production processes that impact diverse stakeholders (marketing, principals, professional staff, IT) while helping your firm meet its important objectives.

Inefficient or underutilized systems slow everybody down.  Nothing less than a guided intervention is needed to restore balance and harmony.  It may be as simple as writing a query, or as tough as a showdown with difficult superiors.  You benefit from a balanced, outside perspective that helps all to see the problem and come up with a solution.  Your project benefits from the force of a Champion.

Recommended for:

Large firms with problems that no single specialist or department can address.

How It Works:

We help you re-engineer internal systems and workflows so that your dedicated staff can accomplish more! Activities can include:

  • Facilitation of strategic solution development, stakeholder identification, relationship management, sourcing, and management of project initiatives through to completion.
  • Hands-on production of essential tasks (following marketing plan/staffing documents)
  • Select utilization/integration of desktop applications, internal systems,
  • Development or refinement of supporting procedures
  • Training documents, and optional follow-on servicing (staff training/orientation, troubleshooting, etc.).

An engagement is negotiated, with hourly rates based on tasks and project scope.

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