Design Storytelling


Design Storytelling


  • Project sheets
  • Proposals
  • Design portfolios
  • Press releases
  • Articles (trade and general press)
  • Firm profiles
  • Project team résumés
  • Qualifications packages
  • Award submissions
  • Infographics and
    Data Visualizations

From Proposal
To Success Story

Visualization of Word Count Reduction:
A client-specific proposal (4,738 words) reduced to a manuscript-length (1,785 words) project success story.

There is no style without substance

Your projects are the building blocks of your maturing business.  Each one can reflect something about you – your style, service, experience, or attention to detail.  A strong narrative that balances your imagery helps you expose these hidden attributes, and helps you build on your firm’s strengths. This in turn helps you chart a course for your firm’s success. 

Sankey diagram showing word count reduction

Visualization of Word Count Reduction: A client-specific proposal (4,738 words) reduced to a manuscript-length (1,785 words) project success story.

Design-product Systems crafts summaries and presentations that distinguish your results from your hard work, and show the value of both.  Our concise, informed writing gives each project a context that drives its visual presentation and connects it to your overall strategic marketing profile.  With powerful writing, your current achievements communicate the direction of your business today — and what your clients can count on in the future!

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Your imagination is worth more.

Telling your design story in writing grows your portfolio, your company, and your career.

Writing a concise project summary is a challenge for many in the design field. Design-product Systems helps you:

  • Communicate expertise rather than promises
  • Untangle different types of ideas and explore each one’s potential
  • Emphasize details that make key points about your practice
  • Eliminate jargon, clichés, and obscure technical phrases
  • Avoid pitfalls of writing that confuse writers and readers alike
  • Ensure that readers properly understand context-sensitive words
  • Avoid sounding too abstract, industry-specific, or biased

Effectively communicating your design ideas in writing is important to both your company and your career.  Let us help!

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Mike demonstrated his depth and ability to follow me through my process and understand the complexities of my work. He has an outstanding ability to grasp nuances, find an accurate perspective, and refine language while keeping the tone authentic.

Irene Buchine

Positioning and Marketing Consultant, Irene Buchine Consulting


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