Infographic Design

and Data Visualizations


Infographic Design


  • Project sheets
  • Proposals
  • Project portfolios
  • Articles (trade and general press)
  • Academic research papers
  • Community meetings
  • Museum exhibits
  • Poster presentations
  • Infographic résumés
  • Status/Milestone reports
  • Annual/Quarterly Reports
  • Grant applications
  • Award submissions

Design Tools

  • Desktop Tools
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Illustrator
    • Visio
    • R
    • Neo4j
  • Online Tools
    • SankeyMaker
    • Prezi
    • LucidChart
    • PiktoChart
    • Tableau

Data and design guided by storytelling

Infographics and Data Visualizations are essential for capturing your audience’s ever-shortening attention span. In emails, blog posts, reports, and social media channels, clear and articulate infographic design helps you communicate critical information when your audience doesn’t share your language, industry, level of expertise, or beliefs!

Infographic Double Scale

Design-product Systems crafts data-rich depictions of complex and long-running projects for all types of presentation formats, audiences, and industries. We can help you communicate the most important information about your project at any point in its progress.  We simplify the context to focus the visual presentation, and connect your work to your business’s overall value proposition.  We combine data analysis, design, and storytelling to create focused, iconic, and readable information graphics that are both audience-specific and on message. We push the limitations of tools and presentation methods.  With powerful infographics and data visualizations, your current work communicate the direction of your business — and what your clients can count on.


Got a design story you can't wait to tell your clients?

 Use an infographic when you need to:

  • Communicate project milestones in advance of completion
  • Juxtapose disparate data to show complex relationships
  • Challenge conventional thinking with new information
  • Emphasize details that make key points about your practice
  • Reduce dependence on lengthy descriptions and obscure technical phrases
  • Ensure readability at any viewing size
  • Meet stringent manuscript word counts


Show Us Your Data!

Learn how to tune your data and design to engage your audience!

Your charts and graphs were excellent and really helped us determine which entry criteria needed to be amended in order to capture the population we needed for this study…Capturing the appropriate population right off, and making adjustments soon is what has really saved this project.

Terri Clark

Director of Clinical Affairs, Interleukin Genetics, Inc.

Case Studies

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