“Boston Skyline” by Thomas Roessler is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The economy is booming, and it’s showing in the Boston skyline. There’s lots of new building: In the Seaport, South Boston, the Innovation District, In Assembly Square, and along the Green Line extension in Somerville. Along the Mass Ave corridor and in Kendall Square in Cambridge, and in Lower Allston, Dudley Square, Dot Ave, and Widett Circle.

The economy is good, there’s plenty of work, and every individual and every firm has a place in it. But the building industry has experienced a lot of disruption and change since 2008. It’s not the same old order. Design-centered firms and professional services firms need more than traditional PR, branding, advertising, and graphics to stay competitive. They can’t just stick to designing either. They can no longer rely on traditional in-house strengths to solve all their identity and visibility problems.

Design-product Systems uses a different approach to help architects, engineers, designers, and all other participants in Boston’s innovation economy. We help you articulate what you offer, and the work you want to be known for. Most importantly, we help you build your name and reputation on the work you’re doing right now – in almost real time – which is something that few firms are equipped to do for themselves.

Not all marketing can be solved through design.

Our clients come to us when they’ve reached frustration with their own efforts, and when the problems they face can’t be resolved in the few days of slack time they might have to devote to them. So complex marketing and technical problems affecting efficiency and content quality go unresolved, and continue to limit performance.

As firms adopt IPD, BIM, design-build, CM-at-risk, and other service delivery models, they should be looking for equivalent approaches to marketing their services. As firms “go green”, they should be thinking beyond what building materials they put into their clients’ projects. They should be thinking about sustainability in terms of stewarding the internal operations that support their billable, client-facing work and define their office’s culture and values. Firms that embrace inclusivity do well here, and take marketing out of subsistence and self-sufficiency mode, and raise it up to a firm-sustaining resource.

Design-product Systems is here to help an industry that needs to transform and take risks, and we’re doing it one firm at a time. We’re helping firms that need to work smarter than they ever had to before, firms that want to break with their own pasts, firms who’ve been blasted out of their comfort zones, and firms that want to step into their future, not just stand out today.

That’s why we’re saying, “You’ve gotta be daring to be different.”

Work with a company that’s daring to be different.

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