On January 1rst, I saw this status update from a friend on Facebook:

“I’ve finally realized how annoying all these blogs and tumblers and pinterest shit really are: I want to find the source of an awesome sweater that I want to get (one day, when I can afford it, but bookmark the shop for now) and yet, all the sources keep bouncing me back and forth between all these useless websites – until I get to the source page which is just a project/diy page. Basically people post their ‘ideas’ and everybody goes ‘OH! that’s a great idea, I’m REBLOGGING that’ – and then somebody else goes ‘OH! That’s awesome! I’m PINNING that!’ and so on and so forth – BUT NOBODY actually has made this sweater, wears it or knows where to buy one. So all these people are just online posting images of stuff they’ll never making and all patting themselves on the back. Fuckin’ bullshit. I’M GONNA MAKE THAT SWEATER ONE DAY AND I’M NOT GONNA GIVE ANYBODY ANY CREDIT!”

I’m not kidding when I say, I’m SO gonna retweet this!